There are many resources available to help you learn Korean online.  This page provides a launching point to find a variety of online learning resources that range from beginner’s tools to advanced-level training:

Online Lessons

The sites listed below offer basic lessons in the Korean language.  These courses will generally start either with Korean characters or their size and shape. The next steps will take you through Korean words and their grammatical structure, then advancing through basic phrases and complete sentences. Many of these sites offer mp3 files and pdf lessons but you may find that the visual demonstrations often lack precision.

Mobile Apps

In addition, there are mobile apps available such as:

  • “Learn Korean Free” by Bravolol Limited

iOS Android

  • “Hanguel 101 – Learn Korean Alphabet” by Ubik Technology

iOS Android Amazon Windows

  • “Learn Korean – Phrasebook” by Codegent


The first two apps listed here offer basic words and alphabet.  The last one covers more advanced topics and gives real-life examples of everyday conversations.

YouTube Videos, Tutorials and Lectures

Many non-native Korean speakers who are living in Korea upload instructional videos to their YouTube channels.  Most of these videos have a special advantage because they explain Korean words and culture from an English-speaking person’s perspective.

Also, these videos can be a great resource for anecdotal knowledge that you won’t necessarily get from an academic source.  They will often reveal important cultural items that they’ve encountered such as the popular Korean messaging app KakaoTalk, equivalent to WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger.  You may also learn about bul dak bokk eum myun, a type of Korean ramen (instant noodle) that is the most spicy and popular of its kind.

There are also formal online lectures offered on YouTube.  Here you will find professional educators who give rather in-depth lecture covering Korean words, structure, grammar, and written characters. So, those who are self-motivated will likely find these lessons very effective.  On the other hand, students who need more guidance may have better luck with a structured environment.

Below are several YouTube links with channels offering Korean lessons:

However, if these don’t fit your style of learning there are more advanced books and software courses that will offer a more traditional and structured lesson plan and a timeline.