Korean from Zero! Master the Korean Language Book Review

Building from zero

“Korean from Zero! Master the Korean Language and Hangul Writing System with Integrated Workbook and Online Course” is a series of language books divided into three books.  All three books are rated highly (average 4.75/5) and the lessons are available online.

These books are available to buy either individually or as a complete set. In addition to providing an integrated workbook to practice writing, the book comes with mp3 audio and online courses.  Impressively, it has a glossary of vocabulary inside that covers both Korean and English.

Book 1 starts with Hangeul, the characters and letters that make up written Korean language. The chapters start with introductory topics ranging from simple consonants to hard vowels. Then it delves into a number of primary subject areas such as color, numbers, date and time, and introductory phrases.  There are also elementary grammar lessons that discuss use of tense, pronouns, negative tones, and descriptive verbs.

Book 2 deals with more advanced grammar phrases. It slightly mentions jon dat mal (the polite form of Korean used for certain situations) and encompasses subject such as conjunction, adverbs, prepositions, direct modification, and cause and effect.

Book 3 continues on to direct and indirect phrases, imperative clauses, request, comparisons, opinions, more into jon dat mal etiquette and other topics.

Please share any comments or questions about this book series.

Korean from Zero is available from Amazon.com with free shipping for under $25.

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